• Image of Vinyl Faux Leather - Ivory

Product takes 10-14 days to ship. Product is made upon receipt of payment.

Shipping method is USPS priority 2-3 day delivery
Business hours are Monday-Friday 9am - 5pm, if your order falls outside of these hours your order will ship next business day.
Dimensions are approx. 12"height and 40"diameter. Depending on how much fill you put in you can get more height out of it. I'm a newborn photographer and it is perfect for posing those great shots. Made out of a faux leather vinyl, making it easiest for wiping up accidents.

This is made very well and durable. Stitched with strong upholstery thread. Fill access point is closed with a strong, secure velcro making it easy to fill. Does not come with fill, as it would greatly increase shipping costs. There are many online sites to buy inexpensive bean bag fill. For a very full bean bag, (how I prefer) I used 3.5 bags of 100litre fill.

Please see link on right side bar "Fill Info" for a link on where to purchase fill.

For those photogs worried about blanket slip on the faux leather, I recommend using a rug grip. Simply place it on top of the Newborn Nest and lay your blankets over the grip and you should have no problem with your blankets slipping off. You can find rug grip at stores like Target, Walmart etc. it is a very inexpensive fix, while still having the convenience of wiping up accidents.

Product is for use as a newborn photography prop. Please do not leave baby unattended while using this product. Do not use as a sleeping device.

As this is a vinyl fabric, please keep away from sharp/harsh objects as bag will tear and will not be able to repair. Item is imported and made exclusively for Newborn Nest. Dye lots vary from fabric order to fabric order, coloration may be slightly different than in listing photo.